• img_7949

    Introducing Preservation Peeps

    At long last we have chickens! Again! If had told me two years ago that it would take us this long to be ready for our first Preservation Acres flock I would have slapped you and wept for days. Y’all … Continue reading

  • Easy Sauce

    Adventures in Preservation – Canning Pasta Sauce

    Do you remember that scene in Anne of Green Gables when Matthew buys all that sugar because he is too embarrassed to buy Anne the dress with the puffed sleeves? Do you remember when Marilla is dividing the sugar into … Continue reading

  • light

    4th of July 2016

    One of the blessing’s -in-disguise of this summer was our impromptu Independence Day celebration at Preservation Acres! In between funerals (such a bizarre statement, I know) two of my siblings and parts of their families were able to come on over … Continue reading

  • two moms

    Why I stopped using the All Lives Matter Hashtag

    Conviction is a powerful thing.  I can no longer be that arrogant or hypocritical. Somewhere between Trayvon and Charleston I used the All Lives Matter and the Black Lives Matter hashtag together. But I soon stopped. Why? Because I cannot blatantly tell such a … Continue reading

  • Paw on Swing Edit


    No one should lose two grandparents to death in a two week span. But it could also be said that one should not complain if they get to age 39 with all four alive, and age 41 with three still here. … Continue reading

  • Nana

    Though she be but little…

    …she is fierce. (Shakespeare) This is a tribute to the ministry of my Nana, Carlene Wade Jackson, given by me at her memorial service on July 27, 2016. Interspersed are a few favorite pictures. My cousin Matthew and I (we are … Continue reading

  • Cous Cous Salad Upclose

    My Favorite Summer Salad

    Hands down. this salad is one of my very favorite summer treats. Full of fresh vegetables and covered in the lightest dressing, this dish is a healthy, filling, summer salad that keeps well in the refrigerator for several days and … Continue reading

  • Working Mom

    A Working Mom’s Summer Survival Kit

      Summers can be great and summers can be brutal. And I am not just talking about the heat. I am talking about the challenges that summer can be for me as a working mom. This summer marks my sixteenth … Continue reading

  • Summer

    Welcome Summer

                      U Pick Fruit * Swimming * Grillin’ * Flea Markets * Road Trips * Porch Parties * Icy Cocktails * Red-White-N-Blue * Firecrackers * Farm Loving * All the Salads * … Continue reading

  • Josh and Jerusalem 97

    So I Married My Brother

        The picture is of my baby brother Joshua, and I on my wedding day. I was 22 and he was 19. BABIES.  We had just danced a jig together and were sweaty as heck. It was a great … Continue reading

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